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Tooth Whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening is an easy, economical and safe procedure used to enhance the appearance of your teeth and achieve a brighter smile. It can help to dramatically improve your smile and minimize the effects of staining caused by things such as:

  • Ageing
  • Red wine
  • Smoking
  • Dark colored foods/drinks
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Medications

At DDS we provide two main types of tooth whitening:

Take Home Whitening: This involves us taking impression and your mouth and then constructing a custom fitted thin, flexible tray for your top and bottom teeth and then provide you with bleaching gel to place in the trays that are worn for half an hour to an hour over a week. This option works by using a low concentration of bleach over a period of time to whiten your teeth.

In Chair Whitening: There is a one off bleaching appointment (typically 1 hour) in the surgery where we use a high concentration of bleach on your teeth to whiten them. It is safe for us to do this as we are trained professionals and are performing the tooth whitening in a controlled environment. We have different materials and equipment we use to protect your other tissues (eg gums and tongue) to perform the whitening safely. As part of the in chair whitening we will give you a take home bleaching kit so you can maintain your brighter smile.

How Do I Know If Teeth Whitening Is For Me?

Tooth whitening is a safe and effective means of improving the look of your teeth. There are very few side effects of tooth whitening although some people may get a short-term sensitivity to hot and cold food and drink. Tooth whitening does not damage natural teeth or will it have any effect on crown and bridgework

It is important that your teeth are healthy before treatment starts and we recommend you attend for a check up and cleaning appointment so we can assess your suitability for professional tooth whitening and discuss the different options available. We will also explain the potential side effects (e.g. sensitivity or inflamed gums), how long the procedure will take and answer any questions you may have.